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Calling all new Campod’ers!

We are running an incentive program for our early birds!

We are looking to secure coverage of all of the major UK counties so that people do not have to travel far to make an initial viewing. These areas will include:

South West (Devon Cornwall)
South East (Kent or Sussex)
East (Norfolk or Suffolk)
West Midlands
North West (Lancashire)
North East (Durham or Northumberland)
Scotland (Midlothian or Lanarkshire)
Northern Ireland (Belfast)
Ireland (Dublin)

The Campod seed program will be limited to 1 per area. In addition to a free personalised colour scheme for your pod (worth £460), for a period of 18 months they will also be paid a £100 referral fee for any viewing that they entertain which leads to a Campod sale.

Each seed will receive a rare NFT (Non Fungible Token) giving you exclusive Campod membership (which will include lots of additional benefits such as extended warranty and reduced priced access to future PODfests)!

Interested in discussing this further & helping us promote the brand?

Contact us today

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